Shivling - Hessonite | Weight 75 - 85 gm | Height - 1.5 - 2 inches | Hand Carved Figurines For Temple And Home Decor Vastu Good Luck Prosperity


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·         Clarity of Vision. One of the other extremely benevolent healing properties of hessonite stone is that it dispels the confusion, negativity from the mind. ...

·         Spirituality. ...

·         Cure Diseases. ...

·         Courage. ...

·         Success in Jobs or Business.

·         Hessonite Gemstone is affiliated with the spiteful planet Rahu which is described as being one of the most important planets for human beings.

·         Since this planet has got the enormous capability of making a great impact on the life of an individual, therefore, as per modern astrology Rahu is revered to be an important planet for human beings.

·         However, here it is imperative to disclose this fact that Rahu inauthenticity does not have the physical existence in the solar panel.

In fact, it represents the north node of the moon and lower half of the snake. Nevertheless, due to its dominant features to affect the life of a human being

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