A Beautiful Stilbite 84 Gm Natural Cluster Healing Meditation Crystal Reiki Product


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Stilbite Healing Properties - Stilbite is a series of tectosilicate minerals from the Zeolite group.

Stilbite is abundant in volcanic rocks and commonly found with Barite, Heulandite, Prehnite, and Apophyllite.Stilbite stimulates the heart chakra and radiates from an energy of love and openness.

It will help you reach the state of no mind, which will be particularly helpful in meditation.

Stilbite will also cleanse the third eye and crown chakra so that you will remain focused.

It will help you concentrate and organize your thoughts so that you can act on them and achieve your highest good.Stilbite is a stone that will expand your consciousness to higher dimensions and unify all aspects of yourself.These Stilbite Clusters from India are a part of the zeolite class of minerals. This lovely Stilbite exhibits a wonderful spiritual energy. The most recent batch of Stilbite that we received are mostly white to pale pink in color.

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